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>Custom Framing

It's what we do! Frames expertly crafted to the unique specifications of your art. All done in house with conservation quality materials and backed by our lifetime quality craftsmanship guarantee. 

Fine Art,  Canvas,  Prints, Photos,  Textiles,  Jerseys,
3D Objects,  Oversized, Mirrors,  Anything else you can think of...

Whatever your art may be, we'll take the time to understand your vision and bring it to life with a frame that's all your own. If you're new to the frame game or in search of inspiration, our designers can help with recommendations for matting, mounting, glazing, and presentation of your piece. We've got Bostons best selection of frames, so there's something for everyone. 

*Interior Designers / Artists / Galleries, enjoy our specialty programs designed to support the great work you do!

> Everything Else You Need

You have an idea and we have the know how. Get in touch with details of your project and we'll make it happen.

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Frame repair,
Glass Replacement,  Reframing, Printing,
Restoration, Delivery

Glass? Yes, we replace broken glass/acrylic and have several options for you if you're in the market for an upgrade. 

Repair? For damaged frames we do our best to make them presentable again, but depending on the condition, it might be time to reframe. 

Printing? Currently we work with two local print labs, so if your goal is to frame it, then yes, we can streamline that process for you.

Restoration/Conservation? Minor fixes can be done in house. For more demanding jobs, we can arrange service with our trusted art conservator.

Delivery? Available for larger pieces as needed  

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